Week 31: The blues are blooming

Lupine, iris, and clematis in a champagne flute


If you go to a local garden store in these heady days of spring you’re likely to encounter pretty much all the colors of the rainbow and then some. But blue flowers, true blue flowers are the least common.  Blue flowers tend more to purple in general which is why I grow these lovelies which give me blooms closer to true blue.  They are in truth a little more purple than the photo but they are blue enough for me in the plant world of rarities.


Week 30: The fleeting pleasure of old garden roses

There are a few things in our garden that remain as we found them.  Rhododendrons that put on their show in May, a snowball bush, some orange azaleas, and an old pink, climbing rose.  The rose is in a difficult location. It gets dappled sun in the morning and afternoon and is always stretching to get as much of it as it can.  It is not the right plant in the right place.  On top of that, it only blooms once for about 2 weeks, as it is an old climbing  rose, perhaps as old as the house.  Did I mention that its pink? In spite of all this, I love this plant in part because it’s blooms are fleeting.  You must enjoy it thoroughly when it blooms, the scent, the texture, the profusion.



Of course I love plants that bloom persistently, that last a good long while, that behave themselves.  But there is something so very poignant, so very true about a rose that gives its all for one good flush of beauty. Reminding me to enjoy what comes, when it does, for  however long it might.

This somewhat fussy hand blown vase fits these roses perfectly.

Week 30: A Lilac vignette

It’s lilac season, or the end of lilac season as my lilacs are showing their age. Nonetheless, I thought a vignette featuring lilacs was/is in order. I only wish you could smell them too!

Two elements of the vignette – The narrow green vase with allium, ladies mantel and columbine.

The smallest element, with a white Ornithogalum, another allium, and a heuchera in a small hand blown vase.

Week 27: The bluebells are ringin

Right now in the garden, the plant I love to hate — bluebells. They are everywhere, spread somehow (ants?). And yet, this time of year they bloom and I love the skyblue-ness of them.

So featured in a petite bedside vase.

Muscari, bluebells, epimedium, and bleeding heart.

I have a sweet, though small collection of hand crafted, hand blown vases. This is one of them, in sky blue.

Week 26: Scents of Spring


We are finally moving into a time of substantial blooms in the garden which means the potential for more floriferous arrangements. This is an 8″ vessel compared to the diminutive 4 incher last week. Hyacinths are highlighted, accented by dogwood branches, horse chestnut branches and acanthus leaves.

I’m halfway through the year with this challenge! And it has been. But also fun.

52 Vases: Week 25 A handful of spring

The first day of spring was Wednesday. I don’t know how it is where you live but from a number of reports, including here in my home zone, spring is a reluctant debutante.  Even so I was able to grab a handful of spring out of the garden.

Spring beauties int his bouquet include clematis, muscari, bleeding heart, hellebore, a daffodil and avalanche lily, among others (the yellow on the right is the avalanche lily).

This diminutive blue vase contains a snowdrop, evergreen daphne, white corydalis and rosemary.

Small vases like this are wonderful at a bedside or grouped for a table display.