Week 37 – Heat wave, heat break


When I went out in the cool of the evening tonight, I didn’t know what I would pick. I started with hosta leaves and a white hydrangea and ended up with all manner of pinks and purples. I’m arranging a wedding this weekend and wanted to save the reds and oranges for when I need them.

Featured flowers in the garden besides all manner of hydrangeas include lilies and alstromeria.  Different lilies have been blooming throughout the month scenting the air with their deep fragrance.

The white vase is a vintage wide mouth vessel I have had for years and years.


Week 32: Jeweled rhodies


Nothing easier than a vase full of rhodies and a bit of spirea.  The Pacific NW is rhodie country and our garden has five mature specimens.

June is busting out all over the garden. Roses, clematis, alstromeria and much more. There is so much to chose from right now it’s difficult to keep up. Can’t wait to show you what’s in store next.

Week 31: The blues are blooming

Lupine, iris, and clematis in a champagne flute


If you go to a local garden store in these heady days of spring you’re likely to encounter pretty much all the colors of the rainbow and then some. But blue flowers, true blue flowers are the least common.  Blue flowers tend more to purple in general which is why I grow these lovelies which give me blooms closer to true blue.  They are in truth a little more purple than the photo but they are blue enough for me in the plant world of rarities.