52 Vases/Weeks – Some “intercalary” posts

I am current traveling and obviously don’t have access to either my garden or my collection of vessels.  However, my daughter gifted me with a wonderful iron (?) container and I intend to use it at least once on my trip. Here’s what I came up with. unfortunately I can’t identify any of the flowers although the foliage is familiar to me as a houseplant.


I don’t intend for these posts to really count toward my goal as “intercalary” is a kind of in between time.  In certain past times, the days between Christmas and New Year’s, or Christmas and Epiphany were considered intercalary, or outside of normal time.  Some of my travel days are occurring during this period as well so it seems fitting to consider these arrangements outside of the ordinary.

52 Vases Week 14 Hellebores

A surprise in the garden, a blooming Hellabore (the green flower foreground and white in back of it) also known as Christmas Rose since this plant might bloom in December. Which obviously it has for me. Wintersweet (black berries) and variegated euonymous round out the arrangement. Small vase, about 4″ tall, an estate sale find years ago.


52 Vases Week 13: Branches

Monday was St. Barbara’s day and although I am not religious, I track the world’ holidays for their symbolism, intent and beauty.  A custom for St. Barbara’s is to bring in branches of flowering trees and shrubs and “force” them, or put them in a warm environment to trick them into blooming.  Like forcing narcissus, this tricks us as well, and reinforces our hope that spring follows winter and warmth and green will return to the earth.


This tall vase complements the leggy branches.  I have plum, pear, and cherry in the mix here.  In a few weeks, we’ll hopefully see what happens!

52 Vases Week 12: Persimmons again

This week with the rain and wind, I wondered what I would find to feature. The answer was in the kitchen –  a bunch of persimmons  ripening indoors. Now I realize I’m featuring garden persimmons quite a lot, but I’m coming into a major scrounge time of year in the garden.  I feel lucky that the squirrels didn’t decimate the crop this year. And that the color is versatile enough to complement the faux copper patina of the vessel.


Hydrangea, rose hips, persimmon, twigs and branches, billy balls leftover from another arrangement.



Week 11: Thanks, giving

I have had this vessel for years.  It looks like a squash, very organic.  It makes a good container for the Thanksgiving holiday arrangement.


The finished product contains the “fruits” of the garden, the fruits of harvest. I’m grateful there’s enough still available that I can put together an appropriate table arrangement.

Rose hips, skimmia, hydrangea, roses!, gomphorcarpus psycocarpus (balloon milkweed aka hairy balls),  and evergreen huckleberry, Chinese lantern.

Have a lovely Thanksgiving.