52 Weeks: Week 6 A unique vase

This week features a pottery vase from the Van Briggle company, an American art pottery maker since the late 1890s.  Although the company was making pieces into the 21st century, my piece was probably made in the 40s.


Any week now our temperatures will be cold enough that the floral material in the garden will get scarce. It hasn’t happened yet, so I was able to secure a nice selection, including nasturtiums, to grace the vase.

Dahlias, nasturtium, dicentra vine, and a pomegranate


The nasturtiums and the dark dahlia were a great color echo combination.


I’m traveling right now, so who knows what will be left when I return. Curiously, I am in the midwest and by now would expect to see a lot of color in trees. That’s not the case, although there are some bare trees, most appear to be hanging on to their leaves.  Perhaps the cause is the record rainfall and warm temperatures?

52 Vases: Week 5 Autumn Pinks

There are a surprising number of pink and purple flowers in the autumnal garden and I’ve taken a selection of these and grouped them into a tablescape arrangement. I have had this collection of small vases in greens and ambers that I typically use individually.  They make a nice grouped arrangement.

A close up of a few of the flowers:

Fushia, phormium, and lezpedeza (drappey purple flower aka bush clover)

Tricyrtis and dahlia



I also participated in Petal it Forward yesterday. Sponsored by the  Society of American Florists S, it’s was a fun event to share the joy of flowers.

Studies have shown giving and receiving flowers reduces stress, brightens moods and brings people together.


52 Vases: Week 4 – Roses

The sun is weakening when it is not hidden behind the clouds which form regularly.  The temperature is dropping. Rain splatters the plants pushing them into the dirt.  I still have plenty to pick in the garden: roses, dahlias, hydrangeas, fushias, a smattering of other things. This week I wanted to highlight an antique glass vase I inherited from my mother-in-law, graced with a few garden roses.


Flowers include: unnamed rose, Climbing Joseph’s cloak rose, fushia and evergreen huckleberries.

52 Weeks – A last burst of summer

Using a remaindered vase I echoed the mosaic colors (yellow, pink and a little blue) with late summer flowers from the garden.

Flowers include: Dahlias, faded hydrangea heads, Japanese anemones, clematis.

Our average first frost doesn’t typically come until November, but October days can be damp, dank and cold, shutting down flower development.  So we’ll see what the weeks will bring but til then we have this perhaps last glimpse of late summer.

The 52 Vase Challenge

As probably is fitting for a floral designer, I have an abundance of vases. At least 40 of some kind at last count. And that doesn’t count the other things I use as containers/vessels. I thought it would be fun to challenge myself to use every one of my vessels/vases through the year. Voila, the 52 vase project. A vase (or vessel) a week.

Most weeks I will try to use things available in the garden. And who knows where that will lead. My kick off piece is this featuring blues and whites.


White garden roses
White echinacea
Clematis durandii
Aster Woods blue
Hydrangea possibly Pimpernel classic blue (grown from a cutting)
Assorted florists leaves and grasses

Summer Wedding

It’s hot here in the Pacific NW as it is elsewhere in the US.  It’s the time of summer, outdoor weddings when the risk of rain is low and nature is green and verdant.  While we love outdoor weddings, they have a certain danger point for floral designers – the heat and lack of humidity mean flowers wilt quickly. Something you won’t see in those lovely pinterests photos nor discussed in bridal magazines.  We do our best to provide peak beauty but the weather is a stressor on flowers and floral designers alike.

Our most recent wedding had a floral arbor.  You can see the arbor in process in these photos.



Flower colors for this wedding were greens and blushes with a bit of yellow.  These photos don’t do the setting or the flowers justice. Hoping for better photos from the official wedding.

Behind the scenes…. And earlier in the day.


Best wishes to the bride and groom!