Why DIY (in the kitchen that is)

Why DIY?

If you’re used to going out, whether to hike, eat, visit friends or go dancing or drinking, this time of social/physical distancing might have have given you more time (or at least a different kind of time) to do things you’ve always ‘meant to do’ like garden or bake bread or make things. You may have discovered some of the joys of DIY. Or perhaps have been curious in watching youtube videos of other peoples’ DIY

I’ve been a proponent of DIY in the kitchen for a long time, although it’s been, shall we say, emphasized lately.  I’ve already talked about making hummus for example. But there are other things, and other reasons, I DIY many things.

  • Generally foods taste better homemade than pre-prepared. Or at least fresher. With fewer additives. That leads to….
  • You have control of the ingredients. For instance, did you know that peanut butter often has added sugar and oil (and salt). Condiments like ketchup may have may more sugar than you want to have in your diet, not to mention the corn syrup. In DIY, you get to decide how much to add. And what.
  • A corollary to that: you get to experiment. Want to add garlic to your mayonnaise, just add garlic.  Want to shake up your hummus flavors. Hey, you are in control of that. And it doesn’t cost much if it goes south and you need to start again. Mad kitchen science is fun.
  • It can be cost -effective (not always but often).
  • You may be able to replicate an out of date or unavailable, taste or flavor. The pickles you had as a kid, a certain store-bought cupcake.
    • Or maybe you can’t get something now because stores are all sold out. Maybe you’ve got the ingredients at home to do so.
  • You can minimize other unintended consequences inherent in the packaging: many store bought, pre-made items are packaged in plastic. How many of you have way, way too many yogurt containers or other plastic containers?   I do, without reliable ways to recycle the containers or the lids.  If I DIY and make it myself, I can use re-usable glass containers for storage. Which also makes me feel better health-wise because glass is inert, while plastic (some plastics) can leach chemicals into your food.
  • Finally you can gain skills and get great satisfaction from doing something yourself. From home-made maraschino cherries to mayonnaise; from bread to bitters (my next project), there are instructions on how to hack, or make, just about anything these days. Chose a reliable source and try it.

    Life can be a bowl of maraschino cherries


Note: there are of course many, many arguments against DIY, chiefly time, effort, and money. If this is your opportunity to try something out, then go for it, really. You may find that that DIY mayonnaise takes very little time to make.  Or that cooking at home is actually more time efficient than eating out.  This can be an opportunity to experiment.  Open your heart and try.

Til next time:


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