Welcome to Rooms in Bloom by the Planning Group.  We are your source for nature inspired, bespoke floral art and event planning. Explore our blog for our current passion, a garden groomed vase of flowers a week for a year. Or check out the Gallery for some of our other work.

What is “bespoke”?  Bespoke comes to us from British tailoring, where a “bespoke” suit means made to order, totally customized.  In floral design, bespoke flowers are also made to order. You may come to us with pictures and ideas, and we will be sure to make the final design true to you. To be honest, unless you are ordering from a wire service, most floral designs and arrangements, especially for weddings, are made to order.  If you find a designer whose designs speak to you, then the “bespoke” part is that much easier to define.