Drinks you can count on, adult version

Besides discovering and rediscovering the joys of cooking, baking, crafts, sorting and cleaning, happy hours just got happier for some as people also explore the joys of home bartending*. While I myself am on a temporary alcohol retreat (picked a perfect time didn’t I?) not everyone is.  And for that I raise a glass to […]

Spring is not sequestered

Welcome to my rebooted blog. At the urging of my sister and friends, I am rebooting my blog to give you give inspiration, hope, and ideas as we collectively face a pandemic.  Ordinarily this site focuses on my flower business and floral art.  Given the times we’re in, I’m breaking my own boundaries and expanding […]

Week 45: New vessel

I can’t quite for the like of me figure out how I’ve gotten so behind on my 52 week challenge.  I know I missed some weeks for traveling and the like but had I been on track, the year would have been over in September.  Nonetheless, I still have some vases and vessels to feature […]

A leftover intercalary post

In reviewing the blog, I discovered a leftover “persimmon” post that I’m going to add now. The persimmon went bare months ago but the warmth of the color is a nice reminder of what the garden an yield. From garden….. To Vase Featured: persimmons, alstromeria, hydrangea, dahlia.