Week 45: New vessel

I can’t quite for the like of me figure out how I’ve gotten so behind on my 52 week challenge.  I know I missed some weeks for traveling and the like but had I been on track, the year would have been over in September.  Nonetheless, I still have some vases and vessels to feature […]

A leftover intercalary post

In reviewing the blog, I discovered a leftover “persimmon” post that I’m going to add now. The persimmon went bare months ago but the warmth of the color is a nice reminder of what the garden an yield. From garden….. To Vase Featured: persimmons, alstromeria, hydrangea, dahlia.

To the new year

One of our simple traditions for the Holiday and the new year is to see what our garden can produce in the dead of winter. Obviously, living in Zone 8, in a fairly moderate climate, means that we usually can find a decent number of things blooming. Alas, this year, we are stuck in the […]

Blooming in late November

I volunteer for a wonderful organization, The Bloom Project, (thebloomproject.org) which repurposes flowers into bouquets for patients in  hospice with the mission of demonstrating beauty, giving and joy during end of life care.  The organization was founded in Bend, Oregon and has been operating in Portland for at least three years. Heidi Berkman, the organization’s […]