Spring is not sequestered


Welcome to my rebooted blog.

At the urging of my sister and friends, I am rebooting my blog to give you give inspiration, hope, and ideas as we collectively face a pandemic.  Ordinarily this site focuses on my flower business and floral art.  Given the times we’re in, I’m breaking my own boundaries and expanding the topics for some time period (duration as yet unknown).

I live in Portland, OR, zone 8 in the gardening world about 450 latitude which means last Friday when spring came into the northern hemisphere, days and nights here were pretty much equal. Looking out my kitchen window, the sun rose between the house and maple tree behind us positioned almost exactly center between the two.

I know it snowed for some of you in other time zones and climes but I’m hoping the daffodils are peeking out and the longer days give you some measure of hopefulness. For those of you in denser cities, perhaps there’s a familiar tree you can look at more closely than usual. Is it budding? What do those buds look like.  Is anything growing in the cracks of the sidewalk?  That little bit of green, struggling as it is, has a life force willing it to live.

We can panic, hyperventilate, focus on the dark feelings.  But do we really want to live there? Wouldn’t  you rather look for the tree, even for a minute, and see what spring has given us?

In the days and weeks ahead I’ll be giving gardening tips, recipes, flower ideas and who knows what else.  I’ll take requests!

Thanks for joining me.



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