Mumvember: Focus on flowers

Once again (hooray) I was part of the Lan Su Garden Ninth Moon celebration, a juried show of floral design.  As usual there were some fabulous, fabulous pieces but I wanted to focus on the blooms themselves not the structure or cleverness of design.  For that reason, I highlighted just a few blossoms, some of which I acquired from the local Chrysanthemum Society. Using acrylic cases that might display art or jewelry, I put together an piece focused on flowers.


5 thoughts on “Mumvember: Focus on flowers

  1. Congratulations on being part of the Lan Su show! I viewed a summary of the show prior to happening upon your IAVOM link and I couldn’t help but think how well yours, and all the other show entries, fit in with Cathy’s (Rambling in the Garden) challenge to create something “not in a vase” next week. You did a wonderful job highlighting those beautiful Chrysanthemums. I never see the more elaborate mums in my own area of Southern California but I appreciate the intricacy of their forms.


  2. I wonder what the ‘Lan Su Garden Ninth Moon celebration’ involves and if it is an annual event… Thanks for sharing your blooms which look as if they are displayed without any water receptacle – how long will they last like this. The display looks really artistic and thanks for sharing


    • The Lan Su Garden is a special Chinese garden in Portland, Oregon. You can learn more here The Garden and other sponsors have an annual celebration of mums, which are a flower especially prized by the Chinese. Thousands of flowers are cultivated and displayed. Indeed in my piece, the flowers are not in a water source. Mums are relatively long lasting even out of water, and these have been sprayed with a sealant called Crowning Glory. Thanks for reading.


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