Week 45: New vessel

I can’t quite for the like of me figure out how I’ve gotten so behind on my 52 week challenge.  I know I missed some weeks for traveling and the like but had I been on track, the year would have been over in September.  Nonetheless, I still have some vases and vessels to feature and some items in the garden that I think I can highlight without too much repeat from last fall.

For this week  I am featuring a new vessel repurposed from a friend who is downsizing.  Copper is one of my favorite fall materials for vases and this one is a nice compact size and great shape.  The oranges, yellows and bronzes of fall dahlias and other materials slip nicely into this autumnal color scheme.

I’ve got a turquoise piece of pottery I think will go nicely with what’s left in the garden.  Look for it next.


Seasonal seedpods: caryopteris

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