The cocktail/mocktail challenge

I am very actively involved in a theater/performing arts/cultural nonprofit, the Portland Revels. Each spring we have an event, Flourish, with the purpose of connecting with our friends and supporters and of course, raising money. This year’s restrictions of course have put a crimp in in-person gatherings and we have been pivoting and shifting to an on-line get-together – hasn’t everyone!

To spice things up, we settled on a cocktail/mocktail challenge — designing drinks worthy of the name “Flourish”.  We have several talented amateur mixologists on board. Robert Lockwood has been called out in a previous post and I myself have fun with a drop of this and a squeeze of that.

We’re hoping to have all attendees come up with something and I’ve been posting beverages, both silly and serious, in this lead up to the event on May 31.

I have no idea how a totally on-line event is going to go and am a bit nervous about that.  But hoping to get enough buzz on the cocktail/mocktail challenge that people will have fun with it.  At least I get to try to use every piece of different glassware in the house!

What’s the best ‘event’ you’ve attended  in the past few weeks in an online setting? I’d love to hear what made it work or made it special.


A cold day calls for a hot tea toddy


Flourish quince cooler, my first drink

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