Because its Friday

A poetry pole for sharing poems with my neighborhood


I hope you are enjoying this array of topics.  I promise a post on vegetable gardening is coming up.

We are a third of the way through the month of April.  And a third of a the way through National/Global poetry writing month.  There may be more people than usual trying their hands at words on a page which as far as I’m concerned, is lovely.  If you haven’t tried to discover your creative side yet (no pressure, just a thought), maybe take a break from cleaning, work, making masks, fighting with your kids to do just that (imagine what you could do with five minutes or fifteen.)

Here’s my poem of the day, a hay(na)ku or variation on a haiku

April 10

Tweet mornings
joyous sunny pledge

on branches
of greening trees

pleasant promise
of daylight released

our steps
with tacit hope

will surely
honor our oath.

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