52 Vases: Week 43 – Poesies

I was in Italy for a good part of September and as always, on the lookout for flower shops, flowers and gardens.  People always seemed to have room for something, even if it was just a pot of geraniums, and even in the smallest towns.  I did find florists of course, and flowers for sale at the markets. What charmed me though was a flower cart, using the ubiquitous (for Italy) Ape three wheeled vehicles. I so want one of these!

At the market


Florence Flower Shop


Two small handties

My ‘dream’ vehicle.

I don’t even like coleus but these looked perfect in the large urn

The small hand ties seen at the florist shop reminded me that it doesn’t take much to have a floral impact. I put together these three arrangements for small vases (in this case champagne glasses) when I got home as a memento of that.



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