Weeks 41 and 42: Not quite gone to seed

A month’s hiatus means that the incredible lushness of the garden has gone undocumented.  The rush of August weddings and events, and September travel, means I have come back to a slightly desiccated although still verdant garden where the dahlias and abutilon are going wild, the vegetables reaching the end of their life, and trees and shrubs showing the colors of autumn.  In this setting I’ve found a large handful of flowers,  a round bunch of blooms to showcase.  Dahlias again take the stage, they are a useful flower in that their bloom period stretches from late June til frost and they come in an abundance of colors. Growing in my garden this year are purples, pinks, deep burgundies, oranges, and yellows. In the hunt for things to complement the dahlias, I have found a variety of greenery and flowers gone to seed.

I will showcase two: one highlighting the purples and the other the orange and sunset tones. Both arrangements in plain vases to showcase the beauty of the flowers.

The purple poke is typically a weed (and somewhat invasive). This cultivated variety was ‘guaranteed’ not to reseed. I love the complementary colors of this arrangement.


I’m finding the Chinese lanterns to be an indiscriminate spreader…but I do love it’s autumnal look. This is more of a monochromatic look.

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