52 Vases: Week 7 – Plain vessels, stunning flowers

Although I’m determined to highlight seasonal flowers and foliage from my personal garden, I was in the Midwest for most of the week and needed to resort to purchased flowers as my mom doesn’t have much of a flower garden.

The sunflowers were from a local grocery store and greens picked from my mom’s yard and on a walk in the neighborhood.  The weather in the Midwest is unnaturally warm, even the evenings.  It’s a very strange combination of waning autumn light and early September temperatures.  The flowers are fortunately seasonal at least.

The very cool oak leaf branch had its acorn hats still attached.

Back at home, I found these beauties still going strong in spite of two days of lashing rain. Although this isn’t a typical color combination for me, the complementary colors of yellow and purple pop against each other in a joyful way.  Again a plain vessel lets the flowers take center stage.

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