52 Weeks: Week 6 A unique vase

This week features a pottery vase from the Van Briggle company, an American art pottery maker since the late 1890s.  Although the company was making pieces into the 21st century, my piece was probably made in the 40s.


Any week now our temperatures will be cold enough that the floral material in the garden will get scarce. It hasn’t happened yet, so I was able to secure a nice selection, including nasturtiums, to grace the vase.

Dahlias, nasturtium, dicentra vine, and a pomegranate


The nasturtiums and the dark dahlia were a great color echo combination.


I’m traveling right now, so who knows what will be left when I return. Curiously, I am in the midwest and by now would expect to see a lot of color in trees. That’s not the case, although there are some bare trees, most appear to be hanging on to their leaves.  Perhaps the cause is the record rainfall and warm temperatures?

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