Summer Wedding

It’s hot here in the Pacific NW as it is elsewhere in the US.  It’s the time of summer, outdoor weddings when the risk of rain is low and nature is green and verdant.  While we love outdoor weddings, they have a certain danger point for floral designers – the heat and lack of humidity mean flowers wilt quickly. Something you won’t see in those lovely pinterests photos nor discussed in bridal magazines.  We do our best to provide peak beauty but the weather is a stressor on flowers and floral designers alike.

Our most recent wedding had a floral arbor.  You can see the arbor in process in these photos.



Flower colors for this wedding were greens and blushes with a bit of yellow.  These photos don’t do the setting or the flowers justice. Hoping for better photos from the official wedding.

Behind the scenes…. And earlier in the day.


Best wishes to the bride and groom!


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