Week 26: Scents of Spring

  We are finally moving into a time of substantial blooms in the garden which means the potential for more floriferous arrangements. This is an 8″ vessel compared to the diminutive 4 incher last week. Hyacinths are highlighted, accented by dogwood branches, horse chestnut branches and acanthus leaves. I’m halfway through the year with this […]


A group I volunteer with had their spring fundraiser today and a friend and I were in charge of the arrangements, color scheme, etc. The space has a bright red wall which could have been a limiting factor. The other issue was sightlines.  And of course cost!  I chose a color scheme of black/white and […]

Focus on line

Did you know that Japanese flower arrangement, Ikebana, has its roots in Chinese flower arrangement?   Before I began preparing for a demonstration at the Lan Su Chinese Garden, I didn’t either, although I have had some training in Ikebana.  Apparently, when Buddhism crossed into Japan, flower arranging techniques associated with temple offerings crossed over […]