52 Vases: Week 7 – Plain vessels, stunning flowers

Although I’m determined to highlight seasonal flowers and foliage from my personal garden, I was in the Midwest for most of the week and needed to resort to purchased flowers as my mom doesn’t have much of a flower garden. The sunflowers were from a local grocery store and greens picked from my mom’s yard […]

52 Vases: Week 4 – Roses

The sun is weakening when it is not hidden behind the clouds which form regularly.  The temperature is dropping. Rain splatters the plants pushing them into the dirt.  I still have plenty to pick in the garden: roses, dahlias, hydrangeas, fushias, a smattering of other things. This week I wanted to highlight an antique glass […]

52 Weeks – A last burst of summer

Using a remaindered vase I echoed the mosaic colors (yellow, pink and a little blue) with late summer flowers from the garden. Flowers include: Dahlias, faded hydrangea heads, Japanese anemones, clematis. Our average first frost doesn’t typically come until November, but October days can be damp, dank and cold, shutting down flower development.  So we’ll […]