The shimmer of the world through poetry

It may be day ‘whatever’ of our new abnormal (not willing to call it new normal) but it is Day 5 of National/global poetry writing month.  My group of poets has been hard at work collectively creating from around the globe.

Apparently because I have time on my hands, I seeded another small poetry boom with two other friends.

Here are two tastes of what we’ve been up to:


we are not ourselves —
broken by the tides
waves bigger than a volkswagon
bigger than a house
slap us to enfeeblement.

the two children hand in our hand
have floated out to sea
you grasp for them, understand the sea foam in a new way
reach the cold undertow, not for the first time
you know its presence
but for first time, it knows you
its ownership stark, its knowledge
clinical —  it weighs your calculation
against the dead reckoned value
of two small souls.

They have floated, buoyant on the coming swell
the soft sand a gentle bed.



The forget-me-nots remembered
Spilling from a meager gap
Between weathered steps and frigid sidewalk slab.

The forget-me-nots remembered
With petals blue as a crayoned sky,
Winter’s dripping shrouds wrung dry.

The forget-me-nots remembered
The riot of verdancy, bounty of Fall,
The pale grief of Winter’s passing thrall.

The forget-me-nots remembered
For me, when the world felt far too bleak,
And walking home, head down, I found Spring was at my feet.


It’s not too late to join in.  Or commit to  any other kind of writing you’ve been longing to try.

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