Demo Mumvember

I had the privilege once again of doing a floral demo at the Lan Su Garden. For this demonstration I  used a theme of tablescapes and designed three that could be easily (I hope) translated to a home environment.  I started doing some set up at home, so I would have less of that and more focus on arranging.

Easy peasy branches and a bit of pomegranate


Repurposed containers

Scape with bark and moss


There was a lot to transport to the Gardens but parking was free! due to it being Veterans Day.

A small container for the first tablescape


Mums for the first piece.

Arranging a taller piece in a cherry bark container

First tablescape is complete

Transitional winter arrangement.

Working on the final piece

3 pieces make up the last tablescape using the evergreens from photo 1


A handtie in shades of pink and purple


I ended the session using my remaining flowers to make small bouquets for attendees. It’s always lovely to give away flowers.



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