I don’t usually care or follow trends myself, but brides and others do who want to stay up to date. It was however with some interest that I noticed that the Pantone color trend this year is “Greenery” a color familiar to floral artists. Green in all its shades and tones serves to unite the riotous variety of color found in nature and in floral design.  Green is almost a neutral in this context, flattering the bolder colors around it or encouraging the more muted shades to stand out.

You’ll notice most well done bouquets have a goodly amount of greens in differing shades and textures. In fact, what a floral arranger does with greens separates a good florist from a great one.

Green flowers exist as well as foliage.  You might want to check out some of these lovely, and unusual bits of nature.


Green roses, green tulips, snowdrops, mums, hydrangeas, carnations, alliums, calla lillies, Solomon seal, ladies mantel are but a few (not all pictured her).

In theese two recent bouquets from my work with the Bloom Project, you might notice how green comes into play, from the greenish-yellow centers of the daisies, to the pale green outer petals of the lisianthus,



back to the yellow-green centers of the teeny mums and the very green outer petals of the closed lillies.



Green brings it all together.






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