Demo in Action: And results

On Saturday, Nov. 12 I did a floral demonstration at the Lan Su Gardens here in Portland. The focus of my talk was on using color but also included tips on using found or everyday objects.

I was left with a few flowers and invited people to come up and make a bouquet.

Here I am at the start of working on the basket arrangement. That arrangement nearly done and it’s final form.

img_20161112_132824485 img_20161112_140209769 basektpurples82


A few other pieces in both spare and lush styles.

My audience felt that it changed with the inclusion of the material.

My audience felt the vase changed color tone with the inclusion of the material.



I have had to practice my use of complementary colors as this color combination does not come easily to me.  Volunteering at  The Bloom Project has stretched my skills in this area as we repurpose flowers into bouquets for individuals in hospice.  We don’t get to choose what flowers we get to use!




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